Eastern Deanery AIDS Relief Program (EDARP) Cardinal Otunga Laboratory

Cardinal Otunga Laboratory EDARP

Eastern Deanery AIDS relief program (EDARP), is a local Catholic Faith Based Organization founded in 1993, to provide Community-based quality HIV and TB prevention, testing, treatment and care services in the Eastern slums of Nairobi. The target area has 95 informal settlements and an estimated population of 2,157,960 people. The area is served by only one Sub-County (Level -4). EDARP has provided high quality HIV/TB testing, prevention, treatment and care services for the past 24years. Nairobi County has the highest HIV burden in Kenya with 178,270 people estimated to be living with HIV and a HIV prevalence of 6.1%, EDARP serves a target population within Nairobi County with a much higher prevalence estimated at 12% in urban slums. EDARP implements an integrated evidence based community model of care which responds to the needs of the community. EDARP project implementation is supported through 1,123 Community Health Workers (CHWs), organized around 92 Community Units (CUs) made up of 15-20 members from the same locality. CHWs mobilize, from their assigned area, follow up and refer (as appropriate) clients for services at EDARP clinics. Each CU is supervised by a clinician with the aim of ensuring positive patient outcomes at the community level. …….Read More…

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