Books on Cardinal Otunga

Cardinal Otunga – A Gift of Grace

By Margaret Ogola and Margaret Roche; 144 pages; publication 1999; 1st reprint 2013

It is against this basic framework that Margret Ogola and Margret Roche have told a story of the life of Cardinal Otunga. The writers’ portrait of the  Cardinal shows us a man whose trust in providence is totally unwavering. I recommend this little book for several reasons. One: it offer the reader new information on the Cardinal. But more important, this profile is a good account about a man whose presence is itself witness. Maurice Michael Cardinal Otunga is a Christian and a priest who lives what he believes.”

Maurice Michael Cardinal Otunga

By Humphrey Sipalla JR; Pages 24; Publication 2004: 2nd reprint

Maurice Michael Otunga was born in 1923 at Chebukwa, one of the many homesteads belonging to his father, Chief Sudi of the Bukusu in what is today Bungoma district. It was during the dry season in January, so his mother, Namisi, gave him the name Simiyu. However, his father, after much thought gave the child a name that was to point out the future of the man that was sleeping in this child, and at the same time, honour the virtues and spirit of the ancestors. Sudi chose the name ‘Otunga’, which means the stick on which the elderly and the weak lean on for support.

Cardinal Otunga

Compiled by Beatrice Iguem, FSP Pages 28: Publication 2008

In this booklet we see how Maurice Cardinal Otunga was to be a support for others to lean on.

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