Cardinal otunga

Servant of God




Not long after Cardinal Otunga died, members of the faithful who had been profoundly moved by his examples and teachings began to talk openly about him as a “saint.” As the years passed, this conviction grew both spontaneously and increasingly, to the point that the faithful began to ask Archbishop Raphael Ndingi Mwana’a Nzeki to initiate work for launching the beatification process of his predecessor. However, it was decided that, in observance of Church laws, no formal proceeding would be undertaken until five years after his death.

Nearly two years after Cardinal Otunga’s death, nonetheless, ecclesiastical leaders strongly felt that it would be fitting to move his mortal remains to Resurrection Garden. With the approval of the Cardinal’s family members, as well as the permission of both civil and ecclesiastical authorities, the mortal remains of Cardinal Otunga at St. Austin’s Cemetery were exhumed on 19 August 2005. A few days later, these were solemnly re-interred in the Memorial Chapel at Resurrection Garden.

Every day of the year, small groups of people visit the Memorial Chapel and privately pray next to the tomb of Cardinal Otunga. Every weekend and during holidays, big crowds would do the same. Some would write on the memorial book a statement of gratitude to the Cardinal for graces received and favors bestowed on them, their families and friends. In four years, around 80.000 people had already signed the book. Several of them had written notes of appreciation for his life, ministry, intercessory power, and witness to the life, death and passion of Jesus.